You believe you're too "unphotogenic" and "awkward" to get emotional, meaningful photos that express the genuine, unique connection you have with each other.

You believe you need to sacrifice the wedding day you want for the sake of other peoples' feelings, tradition, or social pressures.

You believe wedding days have to be fast-paced and pushy, resulting in a "wedding day blur" that hardly leaves you with any memories of your own.

You've been told some lies...

Don't have a wedding day that feels like it was meant for someone else. 

You're at the right place.

Does this sound like you?

You want to be present for every laugh, hug, and tear, not off taking photos all day.

You believe anything too posed feels inauthentic.

You're worried about going through this whole planning process just to end up with photos that don't look or feel like you.

Your wedding day must be allowed to become a reflection of your unique connection, a narrative of love told through candid moments and genuine emotions. We help couples like you have an intimate celebration that unfolds at its own pace, allowing you to savor each moment. 

You don't deserve a fast-paced, pushy wedding day.

the truth

We recognize the common concern of feeling unnatural in wedding photos. It's a sentiment we're intimately familiar with. We, too, have grappled with the unrealistic standards perpetuated by social media, the notion that one must be a model to achieve beautiful wedding photos. Let's dismantle that unhealthy expectation together.

Authenticity, genuine emotion, trust, and true connection are the ingredients that yield far more compelling photos.

Your emotions matter just as much as your appearance.

We believe

Our commitment to you goes beyond the lens.

It's not just about capturing a visually stunning image. It's about ensuring that the experience is as genuine as the resulting photos.

You deserve images that originate from real connections and moments of comfort—photographs that tell the story of a day where you felt truly alive, creating memories to share with generations to come.

We believe

Imagine a day that offers you the space to embrace the emotions that well up within you. Imagine a moment where tears are not only accepted but encouraged—a moment where you and your loved one can hold each other a little longer before the fleeting walk down the aisle, sharing the beauty of those vulnerable, tearful embraces.

This is the wedding day you rightfully deserve and desire. And we're here to help make sure you get it.

Picture a moment where the rush is replaced by a gentle pause.

Imagine what it could feel like...

Your photographers and new friends

We're matt & Erin

With our support, you're free to embrace your truest self, shaping your day exactly as you envision it. Feel the way you want, do what brings you joy, and all at your own pace, shielded from external pressures that could introduce anxiety or stress.

Over the last 9 years, we've had the privilege of guiding hundreds of couples, just like you, on a journey to an authentic, enjoyable, and comfortable wedding day experience.

Our expertise lies in crafting a space where your genuine selves shine, resulting in photos that authentically capture the raw emotions of your special day, providing a timeless source of joy with every glance.

What makes us

We are photographers attuned to your emotions, capable of cultivating an environment where comfort, authenticity, and fun naturally thrive. 

Based in Pensacola, FL but available for travel

"Erin gave our day exactly what it needed in every aspect. As a bride who had no idea what I was doing, I will be forever grateful. You will not regret hiring them to capture your special day."

kind words from our couples

"They know their craft and do it with such love and passion. My and my husband's comfort level were considered which is rare with photographers. They made sure we could be ourselves first and show our personality in our photos."

"They take this job to heart and know what they are doing to ensure a personalized experience for every couple they meet."

Where authenticity reigns, and genuine connections unfold at their own pace

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